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I've been doing a little (very little...) coding over the last couple of weeks for Dreamwidth, which went into closed beta at the weekend. (Which was/is very exciting!).

It's a code fork of Livejournal, but they're taking the opportunity afforded by starting up anew to rip out large chunks of code by the roots & rewrite things *better*. The biggest example (for me, anyway) of this being the replacement of the friends system by a system which explicitly separates "people I want to be able to read my stuff" from "people I want to read". For me, that's pretty much the Killer App right there. The increase on the comment limits from 4,300 char to 16,000 (there's a similar post size limit increase, but I've never hit the post limit so that bothers me, personally, less :) ) is also shiny. Plus: no ads. And one of the owners (synecdochic) has discussed at length why ads on social content sites Do Not Work, financially speaking, so I believe that they actually mean this.

The meta-things that I'm impressed with:

- a commitment to openness (of business practices and site-running) and consultation that I believe in. Possibly in part because I've been involved with and/or witnessed discussions about proposals or ideas that have resulted in decisions being changed :)

- a diversity statement that doesn't read like corporate bullshit.

- the business plan is along the lines of "small, stable, functioning, ongoing business" rather than "let's flog it in due course & bathe in web2.0 cash". An interesting post on the subject of business aims & so forth.

So, yeah. I shan't be moving off LJ altogether unless/until various things change[0], but I'm certainly going to be doing a certain amount of moving across. I gather there is a crossposting tool, for starters. I'm very fond of LJ, but only in the sense of being fond of the things it enables me to do. DW feels like a project I can be fond of in a more specific sense, and I like that.

[0] The real Killer App would of course be full interoperability - i.e. being able to read one's LJ friends-list, even locked posts, on DW via OpenID. This is a Difficult Technical Problem for which there is at present no decent fix, but it is being contemplated. Full import of your own LJ will be in place before open beta; OpenID already allows cross-site reading & commenting on non-FL posts.



Feb. 16th, 2009 01:30 pm (UTC)
Hmm... Getting buy-in amongst the LJ diaspora should be easy - sites that permit it will become more popular.

I think this requires a certain critical mass. At the moment few people use Open ID and for a profit focused entity like LJ there's no pressure to allow it -- indeed there's probably the counter pressure "if we allow this people will leave LJ faster" because it enables people to host their journals and read other journals from different sites. Beyond a certain point the pressure would be the other way "if we do not allow this people will leave LJ faster"... that's my thought anyway.

Facebook's incentives to co-operate or not are surely the same as LJs it's just that they are more in the ascendant right now. Such things change though.
Feb. 16th, 2009 01:41 pm (UTC)
I guess I see LJ and FB as different because I perceive that the LJ user base as rather more pissed-off-and-ready-to-leave.

I could very easily be wrong on that.
Feb. 16th, 2009 01:52 pm (UTC)
Ah... perhaps that is a factor of your social circle? I don't think I know anyone leaving specifically because they are pissed off with LJ but there is a gradual drift to Facebook. It seems to be a "pull" to Facebook not a "push" from LJ in my friends group though.

In my experience internet technologies have a very short half life! There's a transition from "have you seen this cool new thing, usenet news" to "how come nobody posts any more". I'd guess it's an average of around ten years for a very successful social networking tool to move from "cool new thing" to "legacy system". I'm thinking here of BBS (various local/campus based and international), usenet news, LJ.

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