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Dear Yuletide Author

Hello Yuletide Author!

A note if you're pinch-hitting: But I'm A Cheerleader would be the easiest to pick up in a hurry, being as it is a single film; The Goblin Emperor is only a single book, too.

Thank you for volunteering to write one of these fandoms! I am hugely looking forward to whatever you write. You should of course feel free to ignore all the details below: write something that grabs you. I will be thrilled with anything you write! But if you need or want more thoughts, there are some below.

In general: I tend to prefer fics that at least end positively (angst en route is fine!). I'd prefer gen or romance, nothing graphic. I really love character interactions, character reactions to things, and people dealing with new stuff, changes, or difficulties -- those things that make us have to rethink the way we model the world.

I dislike detailed descriptions of major mental/physical distress (if someone gets hurt & it's plot-relevant then fine), misogyny, and racism. Child/animal significant harm or death are squicks for me.


I absolutely love this world and would be delighted with anything set in it -- and there is a lot of it to set things in! I'd prefer something fairly upbeat. If you're looking for ideas though: any of Vlad's adventures that happen offstage in the books (whether referred to in passing or something you've come up with yourself); I find Sethra Lavode fascinating (of course) and any stories of her long and varied history would be great; and Cawti has an interesting past too! What was she up to before meeting Vlad; and what has she been up to over recent years while Vlad's been wandering? More anything about any of the characters would be fab though. I prefer gen in this or maybe a bit of romance but nothing graphic.

The Goblin Emperor

Another favourite of mine; and canon is much shorter than the Dragaera series :) I would love to know what happens to Maia and Csethiro after the end of the novel -- how do they manage their relationship? (Though again I'd prefer romance/PG-13 to anything more graphic.) What about the ongoing political implications of the detente with the goblins? I would love to see more of Csethiro on her own too -- some of the scenes in the novel (or offstage scenes) from her perspective would be fascinating. One of the things I really loved about the novel was its warm and hopeful tone, so I'd rather nothing super depressing.

But I'm A Cheerleader

This is great fun :) No real prompts here; maybe a what-next type story? Anything that grabs you would be fine, though again please nothing too depressing!


Such a huge world and timespan to play in. There's that whole 5000 years that Stephenson just skips over -- what's been going on there? What was happening under the sea, or under the mountain, while the space-farers were building their civilisation, to reach where things are at the end of the novel? There's also plenty of half-referred to stories in the potted history of those 5000 years in space. I'd love a story set in one of the space habitats at any stage of that time. What about the preparations on Earth before the Hard Rain started? What about the secretive conspiracy referred to in Cradle? What happens next as the three sorts of humans come to terms with one another (as well as the seven tribes)? Or anything else that grabs you. I don't mind a slightly darker story, if you want, in this fandom as quite a bit of the book is that bit darker. (But preferably at least a bit of hopefulness in there! :) )

Thank you again and I can't wait to read your story :)

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